Trader Joe


Source: Trader Joe
  • Build Fast and Securely
  • Be Innovative and Different
  • Put the Avalanche Community First


Source: Trader Joe



  • Permission-less {No KYC}
  • Automated market maker means no P2P and blazingly fast.
  • Limit Orders and Stops

Banker Joe

  • Supplying — You can supply your ideal tokens in your wallet to Trader Joe’s liquidity pools and earn interest regularly. By providing your funds to Trader Joe, you add liquidity to the protocol, which keeps the prices more stable.
  • Borrowing — You can also borrow against the asset used as collateral and supply an asset. For example, you can put your USDC for collateral and borrow AVAX against it. There is a collateral factor by which you can borrow. If you have supplied 100 USDC as collateral and the collateral factor of USDC is 80%, you can borrow up to 80 USDC worth of AVAX.
  • Repayment — Since all loans are always overcollateralized, you can pay them back anytime you want. There is no specific due date in crypto loans; hence repayments are flexible.

Rocket Joe

Why use Rocket Joe?

  • Fully automated process; Launch, List, and Farm on the Trader Joe Platform.
  • Participants can earn a bonus by issuing tokens as an added incentive.
  • Distribution of a Token in a truly decentralized manner, all audiences can access Rocket Joe.
  • It will reduce volatility and could deliver a better user experience.

How to use rJoe?

NFT Marketplace

  • LaunchPEG — The Joepegs marketplace will feature an NFT launchpad capable of minting collections in various styles, from Dutch auctions to Flat mints.
  • Collection Tiers — Joepegs will reserve a marketplace section for ‘verified’ collections, with visible collection pages. It will have three categories: Unverified, Verified, and Gold.
  • Artist Support — Joepegs will also try to accommodate creators with limited web3 experience with their new simple contracts for content creation.
  • Club Joepegs: Club Joepegs is Trader Joe’s lifetime membership pass. The launch of Trader Joe’s first official NFT Collection on the Joepegs marketplace unlocks a new era of exclusive community participation.


  1. Carry out the community’s wishes.
  2. Or discuss the matter in a series of debates and try to find a diplomatic resolution.

What is veJOE?

  • veJOE stands for « vesting escrowed JOE »
  • There is no lock period required to accumulate veJOE tokens.


  • Avalanche


  • Decentralized Exchange, Lending, NFT Marketplace

Governance Token

  • veJOE


  • HashEx, Paladin — MasterChefV3, Ackee

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Documenting DeFi projects, stories and data. Let’s build the future of finance.

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